What are nightguards used for?

Woman holding up nightguardIf you have ever played a contact sport or whitened your teeth, you will be familiar with the look and feel of a nightguard. Nightguards are used to combat bruxism — or nighttime teeth grinding. A customized guard shaped to your individual teeth helps ease the pressure and damage that clenching your jaw or grinding and chomping your teeth while you are asleep can cause. This condition is called bruxism, and it is a common experience that can be caused by stress, heredity, or other reasons.

How do I know if I need a nightguard?

Do you know what your habits might include while you’re asleep? It can be tough to know whether you’re getting a good night’s sleep — or getting into trouble with grinding. However, there are some ways to be certain of whether you are experiencing bruxism — and whether a nightguard could be a good sleep solution for you.

If your partner or spouse goes to bed or wakes up on a different schedule from yours, you can ask them to monitor you for a few minutes each night or morning. They will be able to hear and see your grinding, and can inform you about it. If you have unexplained headaches or tooth pain during the day, it could be a sign of bruxism. Likewise, we may notice that the surface of your molars have been worn down — or even chips on your front-facing teeth. These can all be sure signs that you are suffering from bruxism — and could benefit from a nightguard.

It is important to address bruxism, as constant grinding of your teeth can cause much more than a simple headache. You could damage your teeth, wearing them down to the point of needing fillings, crowns, bonding, and other repairs.

How can Current Dentistry help with nightguards?

Our digital scanner makes getting a customized nightguard simple and efficient. We can quickly and easily scan your mouth without having to subject you to messy putty impressions. Once finished, we use the map our scanner created of your mouth to craft a nightguard personalized to the shape of your teeth.

Getting a professionally made nightguard under the supervision of dental experts ensures that you have a custom and comfortable fit while ensuring that your bite and teeth remain protected. Do-it-yourself nightguard kits run the risk of burns, misfits, and other hiccups that may discourage you from regularly wearing a nightguard due to the discomfort that you feel. However, a professionally designed and made nightguard from Current Dentistry will fit your mouth like a glove, protecting your teeth in a comfortable way.

Tired of the headaches and pain you’ve been getting from nighttime teeth grinding? Contact us today to get started on getting a customized nightguard.

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