If you’re new to Current Dentistry, we want to welcome you to the family! We offer comprehensive and compassionate care whether you’re here for an emergency or simply looking for a new dental office. Even if you’re a patient who hasn’t been to the dentist in years, we have the resources you need to restart your dental health journey.


Consider us your oral health coaches… we will provide:

  • Appropriate diagnosis to uncover the “why” behind dental problems
  • Understandable explanations to provide the information you need to make your own oral health decisions.
  • Comprehensive treatment options
  • An interdisciplinary treatment planning team including some of the most respected dentists in our profession
  • Cutting edge technology to ensure predictability and to maximize comfort and efficiency
  • Expert dental services to restore oral health as needed

We want our patients to be confident in their treatment plans and the care they are receiving at Current Dentistry. Emergency patients, new patients, referral patients, and returning patients can all expect the same high level of service when they walk through our doors — no matter what the needs may be.

At Current Dentistry, we’re looking to consistently raise the standard of care. We want your expectations to be high when you come and see us — and we want to exceed those expectations. We’re all about collaboration, which directly benefits our patients. By continuing our studies and training, treating specialists and peers as colleagues rather than competition, and working consistently as a team, we support complete care for our patients.

Oral Health and Systemic Health

Every system of the body is linked to the next, and for total health, all systems must be in good working order. That’s how we treat oral health issues. For example, instead of simply using cosmetic or restorative treatments to repair severely worn and damaged molars, we look into the root cause of the issue. If those teeth are worn, we want to get to the bottom of it and discover why. Worn teeth can signal anything from a TMJ disorder to sleep apnea to a misaligned bite. These are all oral health issues that can be addressed in our office.

Further, a bite problem could be connected to a neck issue, a nasal obstruction, or a systemic condition like rheumatoid arthritis. Whatever the issue, our doctors will work to get a diagnosis, including collaborating with dental specialists and physicians. There is no reason to continue to suffer the symptoms of the same underlying issue. Even if we don’t have the answers we will help search out those who do.

Commitment to Life-long Learning

Current Dentistry is an ever-evolving practice of professionals, constantly learning to better care for our patients. We embrace new findings and technology to make treatments more efficient and effective. As oral health needs change, so will we. We hope that you would expect nothing less from your oral health experts, the Current Dentistry team.

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